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Board Philosophy

The Board of Trustees espouses a dedication to Ware Academy as a viable educational choice for the Middle Peninsula, embracing the opportunity to influence and plan for Ware’s future. The Board aspires to make Ware Academy a unique asset in the region emphasizing the contemporary needs of new generations of students. The Trustees recognize the need to evaluate and support the school’s potential for growth, serving the greatest number of students that demographics permit. All Board members commit their resources of time, finances, influence, and intellectual power to promote Ware’s mission. The Board of Trustees affirms its fiduciary responsibility assuring financial stability and sound governance, advocating Ware’s expansion and evolution from a local resource for a few, to a community resource for many. In so doing, the Board empowers Ware Academy to fulfill its potential.

Board Of Trustees Members

  • Dr. Stan Allen, President (Parent of Alumna)
  • Dr. Brad Hendricks, Vice President (Current Parent)
  • Mrs. Rachel Hurley Kittrell, Secretary (Alumna)
  • Mrs. Cara Randolph, Treasurer (Alumna, Parent of Alumna)
  • Mr. John Elkin (Parent of Alumni)
  • Mrs. Denise Finney (Parent of Alumni and Former Faculty Member)
  • Mrs. Amy Van Fossen (Parent of Alumnus)
  • Mr. Jason Rowe (Parent of Alumnus and Current Parent)
  • Mr. Ryan Day (Current Parent)
  • Mrs. Jennifer Scott (Current Parent)
  • Mrs. Susan Wade
  • Mr. Tyler Finney (Alumnus)
  • Ms. Vicky Gunn (Current Grandparent and Grandparent of an alumnus)
  • Mrs. Dawn Fleet, Ex-Officio (Head of School & Parent of Alumnus)

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Ware Academy Board of Trustees supports and promotes the development of mind, body and character in Ware students.  The Board provides relevant vision, strategic goals, sound policies for the operation of the school, and the development of its faculty for the governance and operation of the school.

Inclusivity Statement

“Ware Academy is an inclusive school where all members of our community are of equal worth. All students share the privilege of a balanced curriculum that meets their social and learning needs. We respect, value, and understand that diversity is a strength. We consider and appreciate differences and strive to remove barriers and disadvantages students may face in relation to disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. We are committed to giving every member of our community all opportunities to achieve the highest of standards.”